HP Pavilion 8626 firmware λήψη δωρεάν (ver. 0008)

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HP Pavilion 8626 (ver. 0008) PE κυκλοφόρησε 2001.12.07.

Αρχείο κατέβηκε 0 φορές και έχει προβληθεί 114 φορές.

Κατηγορία PC
Μάρκα HP
Συσκευή Pavilion 8626
Λειτουργικά Συστήματα Firmware
Έκδοση 0008
Μέγεθος αρχείου 290 Kb
Είδος αρχείου PE
Κυκλοφόρησε 2001.12.07
Βρίσκω & Λήψη

Θα βρούμε HP Pavilion 8626 firmware και θα προετοιμάσουμε ένα σύνδεσμο για τη λήψη του

Firmware for HP Pavilion 8626 Type: Firmware Why do I need it?­This firmware update corrects an issue where customers would receive the errors: “CD Copier cannot find Easy CD Creator” or,­ “CD Copier could not locate a supported CD-ROM Reader” when trying to copy CDR media with the Adaptec EX CD Creator application.­ How do I get it?­Click on the ‘Download Now’ button on this page and store the file to a temporary directory on your hard drive you can locate quickly.­ What do I do with it?­This install will need to be done in two stages,­ creation of the required a system boot floppy,­ and the installation of the firmware update.­ Create a boot floppy for your PC by going into Start,­ Settings,­ Control Panel,­ Add/­Remove Programs,­ Start Up Disk and then selecting Create Disk.­ You will receive a screen prompt asking you to insert a blank floppy in the A: drive.­ Do so and then click Ok.­ The boot disk will be created at this time.­ Next,­ go to where you have stored the firmware update file and double click on it.­ It will self extract and store itself to a directory on your hard drive called ‘HP’.­ Once the extraction is finished,­ leave the boot disk in the A: drive and restart your PC.­ The PC will boot through the A: drive giving you some DOS options on screen.­ Choose Minimal Boot and press Enter.­ The PC will continue to boot and end up at the A: prompt on screen.­ Here,­ type in C: and press Enter.­ At the C: prompt,­ type in cdhp and press Enter.­ You will be at the C:HP> prompt.­ Now,­ type in ‘cd gd7500’ and press Enter to end up at a C:HPGD7500> prompt.­ Type in update.­bat,­ press Enter and this will run the update.­ When the update finishes you will end up back at the DOS prompt.­ Remove the floppy and reboot your PC.­ You are finished with the firmware update.­

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